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Welcome to Alchemy42, the home of authentic inner game.

Here we show men how to be the best and most attractive lovers they can be without hiding who they are. Most people do not know what women want but we believe we do and we can show you.

Our premise is simple: to attract a beautiful woman you have to be an attractive person, partly on the outside by dressing well and making the most of what you have, but mostly on the inside – become the man who makes her feel wonderful, who can help her become her best self, who provides support and strength when she needs it and freedom and independence to live her own life the rest of the time. And of course learn to create an incredible sexual connection. Remove your jealousy and insecurity, enhance your bedroom repertoire and sexual skillset, build your leadership skills, grow your ambition and be whatever you dream of becoming. After all, if you met someone who was so calm and well put together, and who made you feel incredible all the time, wouldn’t you want to be with them?

Through a combination of science and spirituality we create personalised tailored courses for men that want to be the best they can be – in effect we create bedroom heroes and lifestyle legends. For the externals we have a team of fashion and grooming, health and fitness, and dietary nutritionists. For the internals of your belief systems and psychology we have trained psychologists, and for the skills needed to effect change in the world around you we have social, sexual, dating and lifestyle coaches.

Simply put we have the best of the best in each and every field required to take you from zero to hero. All we ask is for your commitment and effort so that we can help you walk that path towards greatness. It is not easy and you will struggle, but we will be there every step of the way to keep you moving in the right direction and ensure you never give up. The alternative is to keep your life as it is and miss out on what could be.

We look forward to working with you and adding you to our ever growing list of satisfied and successful clients.

Colin & Jay - Directors

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